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sábado, novembro 03, 2007

Skinheads - Novo Livro de John King

Skinheads, é o título do novo livro de John King. Skinheads é a história de um estilo de vida representado aqui por tês gerações da mesma família: Terry English, skinhead original apaixonado por ska; Nutty Ray, street-punk skin e activo football hooligan; e Lol, filho de Terry, sobrinho de Ray, um rapaz de 15 anos que está iniciar-se na cultura skinhead. John King é autor de outras obras como: The Football Factory, Headhunters, England Away, Human Punk and White Trash.

Para ficarem a saber um pouco mais do que vão poder encontrar neste livro deixo aqui a crítica realizada no site da Amazon: "Skinheads" is the story of a way of life, told through three generations of a family: Terry English, original ska-loving skinhead and boss of a mini-cab firm; Nutty Ray, street-punk skin and active football hooligan; and Lol, son of Terry, nephew of Ray, a fifteen-year-old kid just starting out.Terry is sick and not sure he's going to make his fiftieth birthday, but is kept going by his music, his lovely mod-girl assistant Angie, and his discovery of the abandoned Union Jack Club, which he decides to clean up and re-open. Ray, meanwhile, is out driving mini-cabs and struggling to control his anger - his only release, days out with Chelsea's finest.But when he takes the law into his own hands in an explosion of righteous violence, his future starts to darken. John King's seventh novel draws on nearly forty years of evolving British culture. The skinheads didn't die off: the look went mainstream, their music was accepted and reinvented, while the boys themselves keep misbehaving in the traditional ways. Challenging all society's fears and prejudices, "Skinheads" shows us a group of truly humane characters driven by passion and honour and the culture they love. This is their story.''

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